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Seeking Charming Sponsors



We now have more than 50 private partners working alongside our team to be sure the banner of love flies proudly across our territory.  We are eager to welcome more sponsors to take part in this glorious collective event. The cultural festivities begin on 14 February and there are still a thousand-and-one opportunities to get involved in this renowned cultural celebration. It’s a rare chance to show your love for the territory and to contribute to this major cultural milestone.

We are gathering together the largest possible number of entrepreneurs and economic actors for this ambitious cultural project so that together we can continue to nurture the development and enhance the appeal of our territory.

Everybody’s help is needed to make this event a national and international success. What are you waiting for? Join the party now!

Raymond Vidil
President of the MPCulture Association

Raymond Vidil is the President and Director General of Marfret and an official representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marseille Provence. He is also the former president of the shipping association Armateurs de France.



Our sponsorship team is available to help guide your patronage choices to ensure they are in harmony with your overall strategy and to help adapt your sponsor benefits to meet the specific needs of you and your organisation.

  • Visibility  on all of our communication platforms
  • Privileged Access  to major MP2018 events (exhibitions, performances, concerts…)
  • Inclusion in all media promotions
  • Organisation of special public relations evenings
  • Complimentary Tickets for your clients, collaborators, and contractors
  • Invitations to VIP events


Aleth Mandula, Head of Sponsorships



  • Make a declaration of love to your territory, your employees, and your clients.
  • Become active in an audacious and unifying project that will benefit the territory’s urban and economic development.
  • Participate in the continued enhancement of this remarkable territory by working with a network of public and private partners.
  • Benefit from the regional, national, and international visibility of the event and the significant media coverage.
  • Enjoy the unique privileges and rewards reserved for patrons and sponsors at the various museums, galleries, festivals, and theatres that are part of the MP2018 project.


Experience MP2018 with exclusive privileges for the entire seven months of cultural programming!
After the opening festivities, there are opportunities to become involved in the major highlights of the programme and to receive incredible insider benefits:

  • A –  Opening Festivities from 14 to 18 February 2018
  • M – Love in Movement from 19 February to 20 April 2018
  • O – Streets Come Alive from 21 April to 15 June 2018
  • U – Summer of Love from 16 June to 31 August 2018
  • R – Closing Weekend on 31 August and 1 September 2018

Supporter Pack 5 000 euros
Visibility on MP2018 website
10 invitations to three openings for major MP2018 events
20 invitations to major MP2018 exhibitions
Invitation to MP2018’s Club des Mécènes

Supporter Pack 10 000 euros
Visibility on MP2018 website and in the press kit
20 invitations to three openings for major MP2018 events
50 invitations to major MP2018 exhibitions
Invitation to MP2018’s Club des Mécènes

Supporter Pack 20 000 euros
Visibility and logo on MP2018 website and in the press kit
40 invitations to three openings for major MP2018 events
110 invitations to major MP2018 exhibitions
Invitations to MP2018’s Club des Mécènes


Under the special programme for patronage and sponsorships, businesses benefit from tax reductions valued at 60% of the donation limited to total amount of 0.5% of the annual company turnover.

Example: A 10 000€ donation under the sponsorship programme would represent a real cost of 4000€  after the 60% tax reduction of 6000€.

MP2018’S Club Des Mécènes

By becoming a partner of MP2018, you gain access to the Club des Mécènes! At least once a month, MP2018’s private partners will be invited to an exclusive, behind-the-scenes event so they can discover MP2018 in an exceptional fashion and enjoy avant-premières. It is a unique opportunity to meet and network with the key public- and private-sector players behind this major international event.

  • Invitations to vernissages and openings for the major MP2018 events
  • Special guided tours of exhibitions in the company of curators
  • Meetings with artists and members of MP2018’s Artistic Steering Committee
  • Special hanging events for exhibitions
  • Invitations to dress rehearsals, etc.