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Insolite Rencontre

30 Jun | 18h - 21h

1001 NUITS #14 - Sunset at 9:22pm - Visiting the Circumstances

Where Mathias Poisson glides silently into the landscape to accentuate the visible and invisible with trembling brushstrokes

Le centre du village,
St Savournin

It is always best to visit the circumstances in a group. It’s matter of savoir-faire, knowing such things as to look the landscape in the eyes when saying hello and to take advantage of the situation to ask it several important questions…

Mathias Poisson is an ambulatory artist. He has written several experimental tour guides and uses them as a platform to question the representation of a walk using writing, drawing, and performance. His approach is based on the translation of the feelings provoked by contact with public spaces.

As this is a guided walk, an understanding of French will greatly enhance your appreciation of the event.


A coproduction of Le Bureau des Guides – GR 2013, the -able association and Mp2018 Quel Amour

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5€ with reservation on the site

Practical Information

Meeting point:

Village Centre, 13119 St Savournin
Afternoon: Hike with local club
6pm: Ambulatory performances (3h)

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