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12 May > 07 Jul


Nicolas Daubanes

Galerie du Château de Servières,

The Fondation Vacances Bleues is proud to be part of MP2018 Quel Amour! through the artistic residency it has provide for  Nicolas Daubanes. The project is being held in partnership with the   Château de Servières, which will produce and host the exhibition of work that results from the residency.

Nicolas Daubanes has been exploring the theme of constraint and restriction for more than a decade using such sites as prisons or hospital. In this residency, he explores the same ideas, but this time within the paradoxical setting of a vacation club. By definition a vacation or a resort hotel should be free of constraint, they are spaces where people take time for themselves, to be with friends and family. So what then is at stake in these environments where people are free from traditional obligations and must only worry about taking care of themselves and their loved ones?

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To answer this question, the artist is working in an environment that is the exact opposite of those he has explored in the past: the renowned Vacances Bleues hotels that are dedicated to individual well-being through their spas, their natural settings, and their gourmet meals.

In evoking the philosophy of wellness embraced by Vacances Bleues, the artist reflects on how bonds are formed and nourished and what it means to live well through a series of encounters with people involved in the question: vacationers, their families, and hotel staff.

Having started his residency in February in Serre du Villard, Nicolas Daubanes, will then go onto to the group’s newest hotel, the Splendid, in the city of Dax which is renowned for its thermal cures. 


Château de Servières, MP2018, Mécènes du Sud

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