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10 May > 13 Jul


Mehdi Zannad


Mehdi Zannad is a discreet, even modest, artist, singer, composer, and animator, all while being formally trained as an architect. If it is tempting to stop at the simple artistic virtuosity, it is important to dig deeper to better appreciate the intellectual application and conceptual rigour inherent in his work.  Beyond the nostalgia for different times and practices, there is a bitter aftertaste that reflects an innate criticism for the smooth urban spaces and the resulting images that they generate. His work is a juxtaposition of this, injected with a reality and an experience that evoke the artists conceptual generosity.

For five generations, Milhe & Avons have been developing and producing custom-designed bags and packaging materials. With a factory of more than 10 000 m2 in Marseille, works with paper and polyethylene while remaining committed to sustainable development. It printing resources, notably in the domain of flexography, all the company to personalize reusable paper and plastic bags.  It also has the infrastructure to mass produce high-end bag and materials using such methods as hot foil stamping and to provide customised materials for food wrappings that meet all regulatory standards.

The works and residence programmes unites artists interested in the commercial or industrial universe with companies seeking creative encounters and ways to amplify their image.



Vedute by Mehdi Zannad is in residence at Milhe & Avons as part of the Les Ateliers Quel Amour! workshop programme in partnership with Vidéochroniques, MP2018, and Mécènes du Sud.

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Présenté chez Vidéochroniques du 10 mai au 13 juillet 2018 pendant le PAC (vernissage le 11 mai de 18h00 à 22h00).

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