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09 Feb > 21 Apr

Le Boudoir [The Boudoir]

A collection of artwork, objects, and new creations in a most enticing setting

Galerie POC,

The Boudoir is the fourth opus from the “Living Rooms” series by the POC gallery. The concept of the series is to transform the gallery into a vision of a domestic living space, with each opus representing a different room in a house.

With The Boudoir installation, a collection of works and objects are staged in a manner to recreate a bedroom with a most scintillating story to tell.  The exhibition speaks of love with the vocabulary of sensuality, the objects chosen to tell a multilayered story of love through seduction, and beyond the whispers of carnality, all those who visit this adorable boudoir will certain exclaim ‘Quel Amour!’

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Commissariat: Chloé Curci


The POC gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 7pm.

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