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21 Jul | 21h30 - 00h

The Red Turtle

Part of the CINÉ PLEIN-AIR outdoor cinema programme

Michael Dudok de Wit

Îles du Frioul,

For more than 20 summers, the Ciné Plein Air festival has been offering outdoor movies in some of Marseille’s most remarkable locations: the Levat convent, the Cité des Arts de la Rue, the rooftop of the MuCEM, Place Henri Verneuil the Theatre Silvain, the Frioul islands and many more… The movies are free of charge and every year more than 10 000 people take part in the event. The films are selected for their artistic quality and their ability to appeal to the general public. All films begin at nightfall. Families, friends, neighbours, or romantic couples are all welcome to come with there cushions and blankets to share a moment under the stars and to enjoy a film together.

The Red Turtle marks the first time the renowned Japanese animations studio Ghibli has collaborated with a European director.

The Frioul islands are a sublimely poetic setting for this story of castaway’s fantastical life.

Opening short:
HAPPINESS by Steve Cutts (United Kingdom – 2013 – Animation – 4min15)

Followed by:
Michael Dudok de Wit
France / Belgium / Japan – 2016 – Animation – 1h21 – No words
Surrounded by the immense and furious ocean, a shipwrecked mariner battles all alone for his life with the relentless towering waves. Right on the brink of his demise, the man set adrift by the raging tempest washes ashore on a small and deserted tropical island of sandy beaches, timid animal inhabitants and a slender but graceful swaying bamboo forest. Alone, famished, yet, determined to break free from his Eden-like prison, after foraging for food and fresh water and encouraged by the dense forest, the stranded sailor builds a raft and sets off to the wide sea, however, an indistinguishable adversary prevents him from escaping. Each day, the exhausted man never giving up hope will attempt to make a new, more improved raft, but the sea is vast with wonderful and mysterious creatures and the island’s only red turtle won’t let the weary survivor escape that easily. Is this the heartless enemy? (

Ticket Info

Free Event

Practical Information

Personal belongings may be searched. Sharp objects and alcohol not permitted.

Food available on site.
Restaurants, snacks at the Frioul port.

How to get there to the Frioul island port?

Navettes Frioul If Express :  Marseille Vieux-Port – Frioul ferry takes 40 minutes, then a 5-minute walk. Last boat at 12:15am
Return ticket: 10.50 €
Family rate: 7.80 €
After 6:15pm: 5.20 €
Free for children under 4

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