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02 Jun > 08 Sep

Now Here Else


Fondation Vasarely,
Aix en Provence

This major solo exhibition of the French digital artist Djeff includes everything from his early work on retro gaming to his newest installations, some of which are being exhibited here for the first time. The work questions the ambiguous nature of the relationship between people and their environment. / NOW / By juxtaposing emblematic images of contemporary life, the artist explores the gap between the sophistication of the modern manufacturing world that moves (too) quickly with the simple origins of the domain. / HERE / These works slowly evoke the question the inconsistency, responsibility, and ambivalence of the connections between humans, culture, and nature, all without rendering judgement or offering solutions. / ELSE /

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As part of the theme of Quel Amour!, Now-Here-Else doesn’t directly address the question of love, but rather explores a perspective that is crucial to this emotion: otherness. The reality beyond the self is certainly a part of interpersonal relationships, but also part the balance between people and their environments. With a tone that edges between alarm and cynicism, Djeff accentuates the vulnerability of the human condition. His work embraces the broader panorama of love, from Philia (the love and bonds of friendship) to Agape (the absolute love of humanity), and this is the language Djeff’s uses to talk about love.

Artistic info

Head Curator: Fanny Serain
Genesis Curator: Isabelle Arvers
Genesis Staging: Véronique Chazal

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Paid Event
4€ > 9€

General Admission: 9€
Reduced Admission: 6€
Children ( 5 to 15 years old): 4€


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