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01 Sep | 18h30 - 23h30

Closing Night

Closing Festivities

Jardin du Pharo,

You have a date for one last night of artistic romance, a final creative embrace after seven passionate months dedicated to artists and the arts in Marseille and Provence. More than 450 events have been held since 14 February and these have formed a cultural constellation that allowed the territory to shine. Now, as it comes to an end, it isn’t a break-up, just a tantalising glimpse of possible futures…

For this final rendezvous, the entire city of Marseille will be transformed by a monumental rainbow that lights up the night sky. Meanwhile, there will be music and festivities in the Jardin du Pharo for a magic evening that will be much much more than a simple farewell kiss.

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► 6:30pm: Gates open

► 8:14pm/2am: Global Rainbow by Yvette Mattern [light installation]

Yvette Mattern will be installing her Global Rainbow at the Tour La Marseillaise building in the heart of the Joliette neighbourhood of Marseille. Seven powerful light beams representing the colours of the rainbow will create a luminescent ceiling above the city. People are invited to come to the Jardin du Pharo at nightfall to enjoy one of the best views of the installation. The Global Rainbow will be beamed from atop Jean Nouvel’s symbolic building, projected at a height of 135 metres. The Global Rainbow project will be lit at precisely 8:14pm and will be visible until 2am.

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► 8:30pm/10pm: Rosemary Stanley (Moriarty) & Dom La Nena: Birds on a Wire [rock & folk concert]

Two of French music’s free spirits, Rosemary Standley and Dom La Nena have formed Birds on a Wire, a voice and cello duo that performs a diverse array of classic songs from genres such as rock, baroque, folk, and Brazilian music. After an enormously successful first stage of the project, Birds on a Wire is now embarking on the next stage of their musical odyssey. They will perform their contemplative, beautiful songs in the garden of the Palais du Pharo with Yvette Mattern’s magnificent light installation Global Rainbow serving as a backdrop

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► 10:15pm/11:30pm: Ciao Amore  by Héléna Noguerra [DJ set featuring love songs]

Helena Noguerra is a multidisciplinary artist who works with music, theatre, and literature. For the closing evening of MP2018 Quel Amour!, she will provide a soundtrack of love songs as the final moments of the festival are counted down. She embraces an eccentric range of music that defies definition and galvanizes audiences. Beyond her music, she has also acted in “Les Parisiennes” and is the world ambassador for French Touch. Her novel Ciao Amore was published in 2017, and Ciao Amore is also the name of the DJ set she will be performing for this show in Marseille… a spicy, chic, and glamorous playlist that evokes love songs and love itself. This will be the soundtrack that sees out the final minutes of MP2018.

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Yvette Mattern

Viewing Point: Jardin du Pharo,