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31 Aug | 12h - 23h


Closing Festivities


After seven months dedicated to the arts and more than 450 festive and cultural events held across the Marseille-Provence territory, MP2018 is drawing upon the entire palette of contemporary creation to present a final weekend rich in colour! 

It all kicks off on Friday 31 August in Estaque where the Alhambra Cinema hosts an evening of film, dance, and karaoke. After that, the weekend features numerous artistic activities in association with the Art-O-Rama International Fair of Contemporary Art and the Paréidolie International Contemporary Drawing Fair, two events that will be held at the J1 hangar. There will also be the Polyptyque Contemporary Photography Salon held at the Docks Village.

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► noon > 8pm: La Cour des Super-Songes
Cour de la Major – 13002 Marseille
[Collaborative Contemporary Art Installation]
More info by clicking *here*

► 5:30pm and 8pm: Screening of the documentary “Rêves de Princesses”
Cinéma l’Alhambra – 13016 Marseille
[Evening of Film & Dance Hall]
More info by clicking *here*

► 6pm > 9pm: Vernissage for Art-O-Rama (invitation only, subscribe to Art-O-Rama newsletter for accreditation)
J1 – 13002 Marseille
[International Fair of Contemporary Art]
More info by clicking *here*

► 6pm > 9pm: Public vernissage for Polyptyque
J1 – 13002 Marseille
[Contemporary Photography Salon]
More info by clicking *here*

► 6pm > 10pm: Public vernissage for the Chapelle aux Cent Mille Yeux
FRAC PACA – 13002 Marseille
[An exhibition by Alex Cecchetti]
More info by clicking *here*

► 7pm > 11pm: Dance Hall Evening with Karaoké Live
La Machine Pneumatique – 13016 Marseille
[Cinema-Dance Hall Evening]
More info by clicking *here*

► 7pm > 11pm: Kabareh Cheikhats
La Friche la Belle de Mai – 13003 Marseille
More info by clicking *here*

► 7pm > 11pm: Couscousmania
Les Grandes Tables – Friche la Belle de Mai – 13003 Marseille
[Culinary Event]
More info by clicking *here*

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