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23 Jun | 19h - 23h


Part of Massilia Afropea at La Friche la Belle de Mai

M.Oat, Petit Piment, Nidia

Friche la Belle de Mai - Toit-terrasse,

The On Air open-air concert on the rooftop terrace of La Friche la Belle de Mai is part of the Massilia Afropea festival. From 7pm to 11pm on Saturday 23 June, three DJs will provide an incredible mix of music.

Afrodelic DJ set (Marseille/ Radio Grenouille/ Worldwide FM)

Stéphane Galland, aka M.OAT, is passionate about Sub-Saharan African culture.  As a radio journalist and programmer for Radio Grenouille, he uses his writing, lectures, and DJ sets as joyous channel for his ideas and his activism.

Petit Piment
Tropical trap DJ set (Paris/ One Self)

“My mother sang me Cesária Évora, my father rocked me to sleep with Gainsbourg.” This is how Petit Piment describes her musical education. After having started out honte DJ sucent in 2016, she has played across France and Europe and her first EP is being released this summer.

Ghetto Electro DJ set (Principe / France)

Born in Portugal, raised outside of Bordeaux and part of a family from Guinea and Cape Verde, Nidia recently signed with Portugal’s Principe label. She spins a diverse and inspired array of music and is considered on of the top new female DJs on the scene.

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