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10 May > 27 May

Raoul Reynolds: The Book

Part of the Printemps de l'Art Contemporain

Tank Art Space

Different locations in Marseille

Tank Art Space and the curator Francesca Zappia are continuing the project they began in 2016 with 12 artists and the poet Guillaume Condello by staging the event Raoul Reynolds: A Retrospective.

A collaborative creation by French and Scottish artists, the initial phase of the project gave rise to the fictional character of Raoul Reynolds and, through a pair of exhibitions in Marseille and Glasgow, the artists continued to shape his life and his œuvre.

The third phase of this project takes the form of a published work. This work will revisit the dialogue between artists and curator, and has been imagined as a project that can stand on its own by giving a carte blanche to other artists to create projects for the book.

From 10 to 27 May, the book will be on display and available for purchase as several of the Love Letters exhibition sites.

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Curator: Francesca Zappia

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