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02 Jul > 23 Sep

The Bliss of Conformity

Part of Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles

Yingguang Guo

Maison des Lices,

A red thread goes through a piece of paper that has been intentionally folded and unfolded, evoking a sense of fragility and pain that emanates from the creases and bleeds into the photographs based on the image—artist Guo Yingguang takes inspiration from Albrecht von Haller, who once said the skin “is regarded as a kind of medium isolating the external and the internal”, and combines this theory with visual practices, thereby representing the shared experience of private and public life through depictions of physical traces left on paper.

The Bliss of Conformity is a photography-based mixed-media series that combines elements of video, installation and artist’s book. In this work, Guo Yingguang explores arranged marriages in China and the emotionally distant coexistence between arranged couples from both abstract and concrete viewpoints. Starting from her own individual experience and the contemporary social experience at large, Guo Yingguang combines documentary photography and creative artistic practices to create carefully constructed, highly contrasted visual structures that challenge stereotypical notions of women in a complex socio-cultural consciousness.

— by Yining He

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Yingguang Guo

Born in Beijing in 1983.
Lives and works in Beijing.

Yingguang Guo began her photographic career with Reuters, China Daily, and other media groups. Moving on to the artistic world, her creations revolve around social problems in contemporary China: women on the shelf, arranged marriages, and pseudo-intimacy between the husbands and wives who are the victims of such marriages. She uses image creation to express emotions that connect to her past. Her combination of photography and printmaking aims for melancholia, delicacy, and abstraction.

Photo of Yingguang Guo by Jing.



Exhibition a coproduction of JIMEI x Arles International Photo Festival.


Monday to Sunday from 10am to 7:30pm

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