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23 Juil | 21h - 00h

Henri Texier Sans Quintet, Carte blanche Youn Sun Nah

Part of the Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents Festival

Henri Texier, Sebastien Texier, Manu Codja, François Corneloup, Gautier Guarrigue, Youn Sun Nah, Dhafer Youssef, Erik Truffaz, Yilian Canizares, Frank Woeste, Brad Christopher Jones, Tomek Miernowski, Dan Rieser

Jardins du Palais Longchamp,

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Every summer, jazz lovers across the South of France await the Jazz des Cinq Continents festival in Marseille. What better way to bring Marseille and Provence alive with the sounds of world-class jazz musicians? And inspired by MP2018 Quel Amour!, this year dozens of artists will celebrate love with their exceptional musical creations.

Henri Texier Sand Quintet:

It will be a true joy to see Henri Texier perform on stage at the Palais Longchamp again. A passionate musician, Texier strikes the perfect balance between a wild appetite for new creations and a pure commitment to the mastery of his art. For this performance, he has selected a talented group of musicians who share his vision of a free and effervescent jazz.

Henri Texier: double bass
Sebastien Texier: saxophone, clarinette
Manu Codja: guitar
François Corneloup: baritone saxophone
Gautier Guarrigue: drums


Carte Blanche Youn Sun Nah:

Since her first appearance at the Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents, the Korean artist Youn Sun Nah has enjoyed a spectacular musical journey. Thanks to her magical voice rich in notes of rock ‘n roll and her graceful mastery of a broad jazz repertoire, she has enthralled audiences at the biggest jazz festivals around the world. For her performance at this year’s Jazz des Cinq Continents festival, she has been given a carte blanche and will collaborate with Youssef, Erik Truffaz, and Yilian Cañizares.

Youn Sun Nah: vocals
Dhafer Youssef: oud
Erik Truffaz: trumpet
Yilian Cañizares: vocals, violin
Frank Woeste: piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ
Brad Christopher Jones: double bass
Tomek Miernowski: guitar
Dan Rieser: drums

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