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26 Aug | 09h30 - 12h30

The Dreamilike Walk

The dream is a reminder that the imaginary is always just below the surface

Nicolas Mémain, Jérôme Rigaut

1 impasse Saint Françoise, Le Panier,

This is an urban, architectural, and dreamlike walk that follows a section of the GR2013 peri-urban hiking trail and ends at the Cour des Super-Songes [Courtyard of Super Dreams] exhibition. The walk will be lead by two artists—Jérôme Rigaut and Nicolas Mémain— who will consider the fluidity of human movements and how utopia and optimism can be found in the architecture of the Joliette neighbourhood. The walk ends at the massive participatory and collaborative art exhibit Cour des Super-Songes.

An understanding of French will greatly enhance your appreciation of this event.


Artistic info

Conception: Groupe artistique Les Pas Perdus


Length : 3 heures

Departure: Impasse Sainte Françoise, Le Panier, 13002 Marseille,
Finish: The Cour des Super Songes exhibitions with the possibility of dining on-site with Croque-Songe

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Free Event

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