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18 Jul | 20h - 23h30

Sons of Love XXL

Part of the Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents Festival

Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic

Parvis de l'Orange Vélodrome,

Every summer, jazz lovers across the South of France await the Jazz des Cinq Continents festival in Marseille. What better way to bring Marseille and Provence alive with the sounds of world-class jazz musicians? And inspired by MP2018 Quel Amour!, this year dozens of artists will celebrate love with their exceptional musical creations.

Sons of Love XXL – Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic

Named the artist of the year at the 2017 Victoire du Jazz awards, Thomas de Pourquery’s talents have already been celebrated, but the young French musician’s lyrical finisse and creative inspiration are a promise that even more glorious compositions lie ahead. Very early in his career, de Pourquery chose a universal approach to jazz and this means his musical palette has an inexhaustible array of options. Infinity suits him well, he has the verve and the voice to surpass all limitations. No creation feels too big for him, yet this isn’t a case of pretension, rather an insatiable appetite for life and for the energy that music offers. This joie de vivre is the starting point of his music and he seeks to share the joy of playing and the joy of experiencing music together. Whether blowing his sax or singing at the top of his voice, he brings the audience together in ecstatic musical communion.

Artistic info

Thomas de Pourquery: alto saxophone, vocals, electronics, percussion
Arnaud Roulin: piano, synthesiser, electronics, accordion, percussion
Fabrice Martinez: trumpet, bugle, vocals, percussion
Laurent Bardainne: tenor saxophone, vocal synthesiser
Edward Perraud: drums, vocals, electronics
Frederick Galiay: bass, vocals


With the support of Solimut Mutuelle de France

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